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Elite Home Warranty Rated a Top Home Warranty Service Provider Nationwide – Trusted by Experts


Top Rated Home Warranty Companies

Elite Home Warranty Rated a Top Home Warranty Service Provider Nationwide 

We’re proud to announce that Elite Home Warranty has been featured as one of the 3 best home warranty companies by Top Consumer Reviews. As a growing home warranty company in the U.S., we appreciate the positive feedback and want to share how we continue to serve the homeowners we strive to protect. 


Here are some highlights of what our customers are saying. Check out the honest reviews for yourself. 


What Makes Elite Home Warranty Different? 

Unlike other home warranty providers, Elite Home Warranty stands by full transparency and customer trust. They don’t include hidden fees in their agreements and they make sure customers understand the terms before signing the dotted line. 


Another standout differentiator: Elite doesn’t just offer generic plans that leave homeowners confused or disappointed. Homeowners love the option to set up a customized warranty plan that suits their needs (keep reading— we explain this in detail below).


Elite Home Warranty Plans 

Customers save hours of comparing plans online. Elite makes it straightforward with three clearly-explained options.


  • Elite Complete: A home warranty that covers your appliances, home systems, and limited roof repairs. 
  • Elite Systems: A home warranty that covers your home systems, such as the HVAC unit, electrical system, and plumbing.
  • Elite Appliances: A home warranty that covers your main home appliances such as the refrigerator, garbage disposal, and oven.


Clean and simple. For homeowners who might not want extensive coverage or who only care to get coverage for their most valuable home items, Elite offers custom warranty options. 


Custom Home Warranties 

If you want more options than the three main plans, Elite Home Warranty allows you to pick and choose. Want your entertainment center covered by a home warranty? They can do that. Maybe you have a pool or spa you want coverage for? That’s possible, too. 


You can even combine existing plans with add-ons, like a water filter or backup energy generator. What does this do for the customer? It gives them the peace of mind they want and leaves out any annoying unnecessary costs they have no interest in paying for. 


Pros and Cons of Elite Home Warranty 

Aside from the benefits mentioned already, here are some more pros and a few cons from customer reviews. 




  • Rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau 
  • Custom plans 
  • Affordable pricing 
  • Helpful representatives 
  • Access to a list of trusted service technicians 
  • Reliable and trustworthy 




  • Not available in all states (yet)
  • Lack of coverage for homeowners in CA, WA, OR, NV, AZ, TX, WI, IL, or FL


Elite Home Warranty Customer Guide

New homeowners (or homeowners new to home warranties) can put off getting a warranty because of the confusion around it. 


Elite Home Warranty is kind enough to provide an educational home warranty guide on their website, answering common questions and explaining exactly how their plans work. Get the Home Warranty Guide here.


To learn if Elite Home Warranty is right for you, reach out today. 


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