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Pest Control: Tips to Keep Pests Away from Your Home and Garden
Pest Control

Pest Control: Tips to Keep Pests Away from Your Home and Garden


Why is pest control important? Surely humankind should find a way to live in harmony with the insects and rodents that are considered pests? After all, these creatures all play an essential role in the natural ecosystem. If we kill off all the so-called pests, then we run the risks of creating other problems. 

For example, not only are ants food for other animals such as spiders, birds, fish, lizards, and bears, but they also play a significant role in aerating the soil, allowing water and oxygen to reach the roots of plants. Therefore, if we kill the global ant population, water and oxygen will not reach plant roots as quickly as they do when ants play their part in keeping the ecosystem in balance. Other creatures higher up the food chain will also not have food to eat; thereby, forcing these insects, birds, reptiles and animals to look elsewhere for nutrition.

Pest control: A concise definition

Before we look at tips to pest control management tips, let’s look at a succinct definition of pest control: 

According to, pest control can be defined as the “regulation or management of a species defined as a pest, a member of the animal kingdom that impacts adversely on human activities.” In other words, insects, rodents, and other creatures only become pests when they have an adverse impact on human settlements and their activities like agriculture, livestock, food storage, and housing. 

Therefore, we can conclude that around (and in) human settlements, pests need to be controlled and managed. Actually, it is vital to implement an integrated pest management strategy, including the removal of pests and the prevention of the infestation from reoccurring. 

Pest prevention measures

As mentioned above, it is not only crucial for a pest removals company like West Palm Beach Pest Control to remove pests from human habitation; it is equally essential that the company puts together a comprehensive pest management strategy. Part of this strategy is the day-to-day maintenance of household and farm buildings, gardens and fields. Here are a few tips that fall under the daily maintenance category: 

Clean food preparation areas

Insects like cockroaches and rodents like mice live off rubbish including rotten food and dirty kitchen areas. Therefore, it is vital to make sure that the kitchen and food preparation areas are kept spotless at all times. Dishes must be washed, leftover food must be packed away, and dustbins need to be emptied on a daily basis. 

Furthermore, in areas where there are racoons, bears, and coyotes, dustbins must be adequately secured so that these animals are not able to tip the dustbins over to get the food that is in these dustbins.

Block up all holes in buildings 

The easiest way for rodents, spiders, and other pests to enter a building is through openings in buildings. Therefore, cover all openings like air vents with a mesh screen to allow the movement of air in and out of the building without allowing pests to gain access. Finally, repair all structural damage to buildings before they are used as entry points for pests to enter the building and cause havoc.

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