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Updating Your Bathroom – Time for a Change!

James Martin 36 vanity

Apart from the kitchen, the bathroom is one of the busiest places in a home and the most crowded. It is also somewhere guests will take note of when they visit, and it is a huge selling point if done well when it comes to selling and moving. You cannot overlook this room in terms of your own enjoyment and practical needs either. One of the options you have for a key piece in that room is a vanity. There are many options, so whether you choose a James Martin 36 vanity or one of the many other selections, you can create an amazing and useful focal point.

Popular things to consider to achieve a stylish bathroom

Achieve better organization and storage capabilities

With a vanity added to the room, you can enjoy the storage space and the chance to better organize your belongings. You can think about the storage type you are more drawn to, some go for drawers, some cabinets, some like open shelving and so on. The careful use of this storage can help you keep the room neat and less cluttered.

Add something bold and beautiful

Whether you choose a James Martin floating vanity or another type you could use it to make a bold statement in the bathroom. If you prefer something neutral that is still fine too, but you could keep the rest of the room more neutral and use this element to add patterns and be bright and colorful.

Create a better ambiance with the lighting

Lighting is important in the bathroom. You need it in a certain strength and direction in order to be able to get ready, but it also has an impact on the ambiance of the room. Having a mix of different lighting types in different locations is an excellent way to achieve all of that. As well as your main light whether it is a pendant light or a chandelier you might check out sconces, fairy lights, or even LED strips.

Choose the flooring with care

Your choice of flooring will have a large impact on the bathroom. Things about its functionality as well its appearance. You should also consider its lifespan while you work within the budget you have. More recently popular choices have been stone, vinyl or tile. Heated flooring is also a nice luxury.

Add something unique to you

Think about what would work with the James Martin 36 vanity you have chosen and some decor that is special to you. That might be something more homely, or it might be something more luxurious.

Use some houseplants

Houseplants can add a nice touch to a bathroom. They can add to the calm atmosphere you might want to create in there. Popular choices include Boston ferns, peace lilies and spider plants.

Update the bathroom fixtures

As well as investing in a James Martin floating vanity you could also upgrade the fixtures in the bathroom. This will give the space a more modern look and help update it without having to get a complete renovation. Things like the faucets, the towel bar holders and such.

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