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Cleaning your Dyson Airblade Filters: A Few Things You Need To Consider

Cleaning your Dyson Airblade Filters: A Few Things You Need To Consider

Like any other filters, the Dyson Airblade Filters also get damaged with time, so we need to give them a good clean up now and then. This will help increase the longevity of the Dyson Airblade Hand Dryer and provide you with a really good experience. Now here we are with a few steps by which you can clean your Dyson Airblade filter:

Remove the filter

The first thing you need to do is gently remove the filter from the Dyson machine. This can be done by going through the instruction manual or doing your research online.

Remove the dust: 

You need to remove excess dust from the filter. This can easily be done by tapping the filter gently on the side of the filter. This will remove all kinds of loose dust and debris from the filter.

Rinse the filter: 

Simply removing the excess dust isn’t enough. It is also quite important for you to rinse the filter so that the excess dust and dirt can be removed easily.

However, do not make use of harsh detergent as it may end up causing damage to the filter. You can also try filling the filter with warm water and gently shake it to remove the dust. Continue this process till the water becomes clean.

Dry the filter

Leave the filter in the open for at least a day after you wash your filter. This will ensure that the device is completely dry. Do not put the filter back into the machine until completely dry. Otherwise, it can damage the device completely. 

In this way, you can elongate the device’s lifespan by giving the Dyson Airblade Filter a good cleanup. However, the filters of Dyson devices do not last a lifespan. On average, the filters have a lifespan of 5 years which is why you need to get the filter replaced after a certain period and when you do so, make it a point to get your Dyson Airblade Filter replaced from a reliable store only so that you can get the maximum outcome.

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