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Rodent Exclusion Guide to Wave These Unwanted Guests Goodbye!

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Nothing is scarier than seeing rodents scurrying over your home before slipping away into secret, hidden places. Constantly worrying about the next rodent encounter can be stressful and hurt your quality of life. Calling a Pest Control Company is your best option when it comes to rodents, as trying to take care of them by yourself is dangerous.

Rodent Exclusion: What Is It?

By making the necessary alterations and repairs, rodent exclusion is a method of pest control that prevents all kinds of rodents from entering your home. This approach to pest management is humane because it does not entail killing rodents with chemicals or other destructive techniques. Experienced specialists will thoroughly inspect your property and then draw out a blueprint or diagram of your house to show you exactly where the necessary repairs need to be made. Among the long-lasting, rodent-proof materials utilized in exclusion techniques are:

  • Steel sheet
  • screens made of galvanized steel  
  • Stone, 
  • steel wool, and 
  • metal flashing

Rodent Removal Methods

In order to prevent rodents from accessing your property, rodent exclusion entails making considerable repairs and alterations. This prevents the usage of lethal eradication methods. This process can be accomplished in a variety of ways, including but not limited to the following:

  • repairing existing cracks and holes
  • repairing tiny areas and cracks
  • putting in aluminum vents and window screens
  • metal thresholds fastened to floors
  • installing metal grates on drainage pipelines and plumbing systems

Before scheduling the exclusion services, your technician will discuss the best plan of action with you and address any questions you may have about the procedure.

Getting Rodents Out of Your Walls Using Bait

Rodents that hide behind your walls might cause serious issues. Your home will smell strongly of their feces and urine, and you could get sick from them. Rapid rodent removal is essential because of this. You can use foods that rats find enticing, such as sweet fruits, meat, nuts, or seeds, to lure rodents out of your walls. A non-lethal rat trap with a tunneling system to trap them within can have food on it. Set the bait close to access points or unsealed openings where you have previously seen rodent activity.

If you are worried about properly eradicating rodents from your home, there is good news. A rat infestation can be handled in a number of ways, according to professional pest control experts. Service technicians with experience have gained the skills and knowledge required to carry out this rodent control approach safely.

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